Veterinary and local authority approved dog kennels

Here at Enborne Kennels and Cattery in Berkshire, we have a range of dog kennels that will offer the most pleasant and comfortable experience to your canine friend. Get in touch with us today for more information.

Comfortable and spacious accommodation

At Enborne Kennels and Cattery, we have a variety of different sized kennels to suit all your pet’s needs, from extra-large kennels for giant breeds or for two or more dogs sharing from the same family, to small kennels for the toy breeds. To find out more about the kennel services we offer at Enborne Kennels and Cattery in Berkshire give us a call on 01635 253 288. Our friendly staff can also administer medication and special diets to your pets if necessary. Please ensure all the medication is correctly labelled.

Plenty of exercise

We have grass or concrete and stone paddocks for the dogs to run freely, the dogs go out in the paddocks individually or with dogs from the same family, they get a minimum of 80 minutes a day of free running. Get in touch with today and see exactly how we can help you.

Top-quality food

By preference, we feed Arden Grange dog food, which is hypoallergenic and free from GM ingredients, artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. However, we understand that your pet will have specific likes and dislikes so you are welcome to bring your own food.


All dogs must have a current vaccination record including a kennel cough (this is a yearly vaccination). Please bring your vaccination records on the day of arrival as we cannot accept any dog without proof of vaccination. Get in touch with us today and see how can help you.

Comfortable kennels

The heated kennels are light and airy, each with a plastic bed with fleecy vet-bedding or for the older dogs and the giant breeds, a specially designed pet cot (stops the pressure on the joints). Take a look at some of the dogs we’ve cared for in our spacious and comfortable boarding kennels.

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Boarding Kennels Licence No: 18/01539/LWA